Strathern St Port Alberni x2

Managed to grab 2 small multi family units on a street I already own a house on.

Most units are under rented, but we got a good enough deal on the properties that they won’t be negativ[...]

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Maple Ridge st, Youbou

Non-conforming 3 plex in Youbou (Lake Cowichan area).

The property was under rented when we purchased, but one tenant turned over naturally and one tenant moved into a retirement home. Now w[...]

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Strathern St, Port Alberni

This was a newer house (2007 build) with an unfinished basement. A one bedroom suite was finished and now the property cashflows well. After the suite was put it, the property was refinanced and mo[...]

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Redwood st, Prince George

This house isn’t in the greatest part of Prince George, but it sits on 3 city lots and is zoned for multi family, which makes it a great holding property. It generates some cashflow, but the [...]

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Quince St, Prince George

It’s hard to say no to a decent house for $94,500! After $5,000 for minor renovation and holding the property for 18 months, I decided to sell, generating a 150% ROI on my investment in 18 mo[...]

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