Our Team


Jason Ridout

As a Realtor, host of the Nanaimo Real Estate Investment Group, author of "The Basic Guide to Real Estate Investing" and cofounder of BiFi, Jason enjoys sharing his passion and educating people about real estate investing. Real estate has an infinite amount of opportunities and by continuing to educate himself, networking and pooling ideas and capital Jason hopes to help others capitalize on opportunities and find investments that work best for them.

Aaron Saarela

By choosing to not follow blindly and to think outside the box Aaron found and created opportunities which he capitalized on. Aaron has amassed a host of skillsets, which he is now hoping to leverage to help other people take control of their financial future.


With dozens of our own personal real estate investment deals under our belts we've learnt what works and what doesn’t. We've done our due diligence to make sure we find the right neighbourhood, the right house, the right tenants, the right trades people and the right property management to make sure we get the best possible returns on our investments. Why not let our knowledge and experience help you get the best possible returns on your investments?